Crab Corner’s Maryland Blue Crabs are delicious to eat but can get messy and for many first-timers, they are a puzzle to eat. In this video tutorial, Chef Mark Smolen demonstrates the right way on how to crack and eat a crab. Crab Corner Menu:… About Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House in Las Vegas: Eat up at the Crab Corner and enjoy the freshest sea food with authentic roots. You may think that the desert is dry but the beers are always running and the crabs are always cooking at the Crab Corner! There are a lot of dining options in Las Vegas so make sure that you choose the right restaurants. Recipes straight out of Maryland cook up mouthwatering, full plates and Las Vegas pub trivia and gaming make the nights exciting and fun. The prices are already super low – forget the overpriced plates on the strip – and there are also weekly specials to save your wallet like $2 Tuesdays. You can’t get $2 blue crabs anywhere else! Crab Corner really has the best seafood in Las Vegas and the atmosphere, price, and food speaks for itself. What people love about Crab Corner:……… Like our Page to see Daily Specials: (Eastside) (Southwest) Subscribe:… Follow us for updates: Locations: Phone: (702) 489-4646 Eastside:… Southwest:… How to Eat Crab, How to Crack a Crab, How to Crack Crab Legs, How to Eat Crabs the Right Way, How to Crab a Blue Crab, How to Crack Crabs, How to Crack Crabs the Right Way, Crab Eating Tutorial,

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