Pork chops with peppers is a versatile one-pan dish. I made it with pork chops but it works just as well with sausage or your favorite cuts of chicken. You can have dinner on your table in way less than an hour and clean up is a breeze.

Come to think of it this wouldn\’t be bad with firm tofu slices instead of meat.

The trick to this one-pan dish is to cook the ingredients separately and then put everything back in the pan with a simple pan sauce to finish cooking.

If you want an easy meal jam-packed with flavor and texture this one\’s for you.

The golden crusted tender pork chops are delicious all by themselves. But wait there\’s more.

Add some sweet carmelized onions, bell and cherry vinegar pepper to every bite and your taste buds will be in full swing. And then there are the golden potatoes with the creamy interior.

What more could you hope for and it all came out of just one pan.

Special appearance by my 100-year-old vinegar mother!

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