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1. Grate Cold Butter

2. Pop up the avocado steam to see if it is ripe or not.

3. When you cracked your egg sometimes the egg shell will break off into small pieces.

4. Use a pizza cutter to cut up ingredients into very small pieces.

5. Test Egg Freshness With Water

6. Use dental floss to cut soft foods.

7. Easy Way To Peel An Orange

8. Mini Bacon Egg Cups

9. Remove strawberry stem with a straw.

10. Freeze leftover sauces in ice cube trays.
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11. Lay wooden spoon on the pot to prevent the water keep boiling over while you’re cooking pasta

12. Thumprint for even cooking

13. Keep apple slices fresh with honey and water

14. Peel garlic the easy way

15. Apple cutter to cut potatoes into wedges

16. If you crack eggs on a flat surface it will open more cleanly instead of on the edge of a bowl
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17. When reheating leftovers, leave a circle in the middle of your food. It’ll heat much more evenly!

18. Wrap banana stems in cling wrap to keep them fresh longer.

19. Keep potatoes from budding

20. Keep Your Cutting Board From Sliding

21. Keep your salad fresh through a paper towel

22. DIY Travel Cup

23. How to Eat a Watermelon the right way.

24. DIY a frozen yogurt pops.

25. Freeze grapes for ice cubes alternatives for wine

26. Roll Lemons before cutting & juicing.

27. Hard-Cooked Eggs in a Muffin Pan

28. Line Cake Pans With Parchment Paper

29. Simple ways to cut cherry tomatoes

30. Microwave Pizza With a Glass of Water

31. Shred chicken in less than a minute

32. Pick up the egg yolk with your hand…

33. How to cut a bell pepper without seeds

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